My Story

I noticed it when the layers of life were revealed in the layers of my collage works- how the stories unfolded in so many of my creative endeavors.  Whether I am refinishing a piece of furniture or painting a snow scene, my heart is the one central point in each.
It all began with love.  My heart led to all of the joys of my life.  Art is one of those loves and has woven itself into the fiber of all the others.  In high school I was privileged to have an extraordinary art teacher who was an artist himself. He lit a fire of curiosity that still burns bright into many avenues of arts exploration.  He taught me the value of quality through practice and skill building; the appreciation for art history; and the integrity of hard work.  

Love led me to marry young, begin a family young, and devote the next decade or so of my life to marriage and motherhood (full time) with art becoming a thread for homemaking, sewing, and gift making.  That thread was a strong one for the fire burned bright.  I was still skill building.  When the time came, I began taking lessons from other artists, and the road was picked back up leading me here. 

For the most part, I am self taught.  But that hasn't kept me from teaching.  It came natural to me and is as much of a calling as it has been a way to make a living.  The reason is- if it had not been for that one art teacher, I would have missed my mark completely.  Arts education is the other fire that has burned bright to keep me working when the quitting bell rings.   

It is time now to devote myself fully to developing my own works.  So many threads of creativity have raveled along the way because of the lack of continuity with all the demands for my mind and time on the job.  Mine was not a job that could be contained into a set schedule. It was one requiring my full commitment.  So now, it is both exhilarating and scary to know I can fly or crash as a full time working artist.  No more excuses.  This is it.  Stick around and let's see what I make of it.  Where will my heart take me now?