Book-Art Gift

The Heart

My daughter bought an old house.  A real fixer-upper.  She was going through a rough transition in life and her sole motivation was to find the right place to make a home for her and her children.  It had to be something she could afford on her own.  When the heart is right, the door opens.  It was an amazing find, but was going to take a lot of work.  I have to admit, when I walked through this old house with her that first time to take some “before” pictures for a scrapbook- I knew this was a massive undertaking and was concerned about her making such a risky commitment.  But she is the bravest person I know, and if anyone could do this- she could. That was over three years ago and it is mind boggling at how much has been accomplished in the restoration of this old home!

Homes are only as meaningful as the lives that inhabit them.  During the time since that first walk-through, she has hosted two big family Christmas gatherings; one Thanksgiving dinner; birthdays; tea parties; a baby shower and other family events.  I wanted to make a special book to show the before and after pictures of her accomplishments.  This would be a housewarming gift.  So my photo collection for this book included some of these events in order to show how she turned her house into a home, not only for her children, but also for her whole family during special times. In short, she has brought all of her family closer together through her own desires to make a home. So this had to be a part of her story in this book-art I was about to create. 


I wanted the book to signify the love my daughter put into making this house a  home and what it means to her children, and the rest of the family.  It needed to incorporate the traditional house shape- to satisfy my own figurative approach.  It had to be more than a book. I wanted to tell her story artistically so I decided to put the book inside a box which would contain a variety of components to help illustrate her making of a home. 



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  1. A Concertina Book (accordion fold)
    A Concertina Book (accordion fold)
  2. Backgrounds for Photos
    Backgrounds for Photos
  3. Watercolor Background
    Watercolor Background
  4. A Place to Write
    A Place to Write
  5. Flap Doors to Reveal Photos
    Flap Doors to Reveal Photos
  6. Reveal Opportunities
    Reveal Opportunities
  7. Message to the Heart
    Message to the Heart
  8. Compartment for the Book
    Compartment for the Book

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